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Matt Laker

Service Go-To-Market Expert

Matt excels in service launch and promotion, merging market insights, strategy, and messaging. As the Head of Consulting at Acemakers, he directs business development of our clients. He’s renowned for catapulting companies to $1M+ in monthly revenues and mentoring industry figures, such as the former CMO of Apple EMEA, in their entrepreneurial pursuits. Matt directs business development by consulting with 10 companies simultaneously, in addition to co-owning and overseeing five others. Over the past decade, he has directed the growth of over 250 companies worldwide.


Funnel Development Expert

Steffen, a former client of Matt, joined forces with Fabian to establish their inaugural company,, specializing in LinkedIn lead generation. In a mere 16 months, they transformed it from a mere concept into a thriving $1 million-per-year enterprise. Prior to seeking Matt’s counsel and initiating Seedeo, Steffen held a position at PwC. Currently, while managing a team of over 17 individuals within his own firm and generating millions of dollars in revenue for his agency clients, he also serves as a Funnel Development Expert at AceMakers. In this capacity, he oversees all processes, metrics, and KPIs related to our clients’ lead generation funnels.

Fabian Essrich

Sales & Business Development Expert

Fabian, a former client of Matt, teamed up with Steffen to launch their first venture, Before seeking Matt’s guidance and embarking on the Seedeo journey, Fabian worked at Google. Presently, while managing his own entrepreneurial endeavors, Fabian oversees the sales and business development processes for our clients at AceMakers.

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