CASE STUDY: How Onis from TechSynergy Got The First €3K Sale After 2 Months

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Client Interview

Case Study


Onis is the co-founder and CEO of TechSynergy, a new recruitment / ed-tech concept, where companies can get an entire product team plugged in to work on their project for three months, for a lower price than one person for one month. TechSynergy achieves this by matching companies with interns eager to gain hands-on experience on real-world projects, who are then matched with seasoned mentors. Not only is this concept disruptive in its industry, but it also shows a strong commitment to social responsibility.

The Problem

The problems that Onis and TechSynergy faced, were mainly based around positioning and formulating an offer, as well as lead generation and sales.

Onis found it very challenging to concisely formulate the positioning and messaging for their offer, as it was still in the “idea stage”. Further, as technical founders, they struggled with sales, creative messaging and how to communicate their offer so that it is easily understood and demanded by clients.

The Goal of this Case Study

The objective of this case study is to inspire other disruptive startup founders, who, like Onis, want to learn to organize their minds and clearly understand the steps of launching and validating their offer.

Client Results

  • Validated new disruptive recruitment / ed-tech idea by getting market feedback: They signed their first client in Canada worth $3,000 CAD in their second month of working with AceMakers
  • Created an effective positioning message through a collaborative 1on1 brainstorming with AceMakers Consultant and by following our step by step positioning framework
  • Built outreach funnels and sequences to communicate the offer by following clear steps of building those funnels

Previous State

Onis was unsure of what to do and how to do it, especially regarding the positioning of TechSynergy and the different steps to follow, starting with the offer and ending with the delivery.

How We Started

Onis connected with Matt on LinkedIn, and after reading testimonials of previous clients, decided to work with AceMakers.

How Was Our Consulting Framework Applied?

During our collaboration, we followed a very structured approach based on our framework to achieve the best results. The figure below illustrates our consulting framework, which functions like a car. To build a working business, each key element must be assembled correctly before the car can drive. For instance, just installing an engine without the wheels won’t make the car operational. We’ll guide you through how each element of our frameworks was applied to construct “Onis’ car”.

AceMakers Consulting Framework
Step 1 – Offer: “How Can We Position TechSynergy Effectively?”

To formulate the offer, we followed our framework to brainstorm TechSynergy’s positioning during the one-on-one sessions with Onis.

This included:
– Understanding the Buying Persona
– Problem-Solution-Fit
– Identifying the Unique Selling Point
– Offer Formulation

AceMakers Consulting Framework
Step 2 – Lead Generation: “Establish Cold Outreach Funnels”

During the one-on-one sessions that were held on a weekly basis and where we brainstormed regarding the positioning, we were already laying down foundations for cold outreach funnels. In this step, the founders were able to learn in detail about cold email outreach and LinkedIn funnels. 

AceMakers Consulting Framework
Step 3 – Sales: “Simplify the Sales Process by Explaining the Offer Before the Call”

In order to simplify the sales process, we worked on the nurturing sequence.

For example, we structured a keynote presentation that was sent out to leads as a loom video before the call and which clearly explains the offer and the system of collaboration. This made the sales process easier and the first client simply signed up without the need to “push” them towards their decision.

Step 4 – Systems: “Which Campaign Has the Best Results?”

Once the sales process was established, we applied our tracking templates, in order to track what works and what doesn’t.

The tracking templates included:
 – KPI tracking sheet
 – Cold email tracking sheet
 – LinkedIn tracking sheet

Afterward, we measured the best performing campaigns, utilizing the tracking sheets. We then settled for the most effective one, and there are currently more customers in the pipeline.

Step 5 – Delivery: “Focus on the Market Demand and Social Responsibility”

In this last step, we made sure that we focus our attention on the sales process and its efficiency, rather than lining up too many team members ready to deliver (which is a common mistake). We also decided to focus on the company’s social responsibility of training and educating new talent.


After connecting with AceMakers on LinkedIn, Onis decided to work with us, as he was impressed by the training resources and testimonials. He appreciated the structured process and active support in crafting positioning and messages. The group sessions were also very valuable, as he was able to hear about others’ challenges and noticed, that he wasn’t alone in facing those obstacles.

Further, Onis found the one-on-one support via WhatsApp very helpful, especially for quick questions. The structured weekly tasks and frameworks also kept him organized. At first, Onis was concerned about working with an unknown company, but was quickly convinced by the quality of the communication and the fact that AceMakers only teach, what they have already implemented successfully.

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