CASE STUDY: How Taras from Render Bar Got The First €10K Sale After 3 Months From The New Funnel

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Client Interview

Case Study


AceMakers partnered with, a creative agency specializing in Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI). Led by an inspiring founder – Taras, sought to enhance its lead generation process. Despite its robust foundation in the CGI industry, world famous projects (for example renowned for working with Foster & Partners) and an impressive yearly revenue – Taras aimed to elevate the agency’s growth trajectory and optimize its marketing strategies for better efficiency and scalability.

The Problem & The Previous State

Taras had successfully grown to an 18-person team with significant industry presence, drawing on his extensive experience and previous entrepreneurial success. However, the agency’s growth was hampered by an underdeveloped lead generation process and the financial strain of relying on expensive external marketing solutions. faced a dual challenge in scaling its operations: an inefficient lead generation process and the high cost of external marketing agencies. Taras’s attempts to establish an in-house lead generation system had not yielded the desired results, leading to inconsistent lead quality and quantity. Furthermore, the prohibitive expense of proper marketing agencies, which could amount to $15,000 for 40 leads over three months, underscored the urgency for a more sustainable and cost-effective solution.

Client Results

The partnership facilitated the development of an internal lead generation system, eliminating the need for a external agencies. The process involved establishing a cold email system, creating tracking sheets, and defining clear roles and responsibilities within’s team, empowering them to take full control of their lead generation efforts.

Within the first three months of collaboration with AceMakers, acquired a new client covered the consultancy fee (200% return on investment).

After contacting over 15,000 companies, new quantitive and qualitative insights about the positioning has been established. This is because of better understanding of response metrics across various markets – from United States all the way to the UAE across multiple niches. was even able to secure an appointments with very interesting clients, like the developer of the worlds tallest building – Burj Khalifa (Emaar).

The Process of Collaboration

Our collaboration with was hands-on and iterative. We began by assessing the agency’s existing lead generation strategies, identifying gaps and opportunities for improvement. Together, we designed and implemented a tailored lead generation system that leveraged cold email outreach, refined targeting strategies, and optimized messaging. Regular, weekly 1on1 strategy sessions ensured the system evolved in response to real-world feedback and the agency’s growth objectives. We collaborated both with the founder on the strategic level as well as with the team on the operational level.


The partnership between AceMakers and highlights the transformative impact of strategic consultancy on overcoming operational challenges and developing internal lead generation systems. By developing an efficient, in-house lead generation system, now enjoys greater control over its marketing efforts, reduced dependency on costly external agencies, and a clear path toward sustainable growth. This case study demonstrates the value of tailored solutions and proactive collaboration in navigating the complex landscape of today’s creative industries. We are looking to the next chapter ahead.

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